• Handwritten notes highlight British Queen Victoria's grief

    LONDON (AP) - British royal documents including Queen Victoria's heart-wrenching, handwritten account of her husband Prince Albert's death have been put online, offering a firsthand account of her overwhelming grief.

    Images of Victoria's leather-bound notebook have been uploaded as part of thousands of documents and photos on the website www.albert.rct.uk that went online Friday to mark next week's 200th anniversary of Albert's birth.

    Queen Victoria reigned from 1837 until her death in 1901. She and German-born Albert had nine children before he died of typhoid in 1861 at age 42.

    She writes that as he died she "kissed his dear heavenly forehead and called out in a bitter and agonizing cry: 'Oh! My dear Darling!' then dropped on my knees in mute, distracted despair, unable to utter a word or shed a tear!"

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