Gummies used in edible marijuana demonstration stolen

BOSTON — A debate about the pros and cons of marijuana legalization ended with the theft of a bag of gummies used in a demonstration about marijuana edibles.

FOX25 Political Reporter Sharman Sacchetti obtained video of the theft exclusively for FOX25 News.

The debate was being held at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute when a representative from a national group legalizing pot left the bag of candies on a desk.

Video then shows a man walk over to the gummies, pick them up, and then drop them into a woman’s bag.

The gummy bears, which did not actually contain marijuana according to the anti-pot legalization group, had been used as a visual aid to show that commercial gummies and those made using cannabis.

“This is a significant public policy debate, and we're doing juvenile stuff like this, I don’t know I guess it doesn't surprise me,” State Senator Vinny deMacedo said.

FOX25 also reached out to a spokesperson for the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol.

"Why is he allowed to even possess illegal items and why wasn't he responsible in his possession of them?” the spokesperson asked.