• Good Samaritans save two people from burning building in Yarmouth

    By: Kathryn Burcham


    YARMOUTH, Mass. - A New Hampshire couple is being hailed as heroes tonight after they risked their lives to save two people from a burning building Sunday night in Yarmouth.

    They say they were just passing through the town when they saw the house up in flames and felt compelled to act. As much of a heroic act as this was, they say they're not heroes, just people who do the right thing.

    "It’s not about who I am, people just need to do what’s right," Kris said. 

    The couple says they don't want to show their faces and only want to have their first names published. They say they're simply thankful they were able to to help. 

    "I would put myself in front of the danger for someone else. That's just the kind of people that we are," said Sophie. 

    Sophie and Kris had stopped at a gas station when they noticed smoke and then flames coming from the house next door. 

    In a quick decision, Kris kicked down the front door and woke up one sleeping resident, while the other was in the shower. Sophie called 911 as Kris helped the two men out of the house, and then went back inside to find their dog and cat. 

    The two men fought back tears as they thanked Kris and Sophie for saving their lives. 

    "It was kind of sad how many people were actually there and how many people stood and just watched and videotaped and didn't do anything. It's not about who I am, people just need to do what's right," Kris said. 

    As instinctual as Kris' reaction was, his previous experiences with high-stress situations taught him to think fast and gave him the courage to run into that burning building. 

    Kris learned how to rescue people from situations like this when he volunteered as a firefighter in Maine when he was 17 years old. 

    "It definitely helped, it definitely kept me calm," Kris said. 

    Fire investigators say the home was heavily damaged, but thankfully that the two men survived, all because of these unsung heroes. 

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