Good Samaritans save pair of Shih Tzus being sold at flea market

Good Samaritans save pair of Shih Tzus being sold at flea market

BOSTON — Thanks to two Good Samaritans, a pair of Shih Tzus have been saved from a terrible situation.

According to the Boston Animal Rescue League, the two Good Samaritans were at the Lynnway Mart when they saw a woman wandering around selling both dogs for an extremely low price.

Purchased separately for $40 and $50, the dogs were filthy, underweight and severely unkempt. The woman allegedly told one of the buyers that, if she couldn't sell one of the dogs, she'd find a way to "get rid of it one way or another."

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She was like anyone want to buy a dog? If you don’t, I’m gonna have it killed," Lisa Cutting, with Ocean View Kennels said. "She wanted 60. He was like, I have 40 dollars. She took it."

Both dogs were taken to a kennel in Revere and later received medical care from the ARL. Outside from the matted fur and filthy appearance, both dogs needed surgical hernia repairs. The pair was also spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

The duo will soon be put up for adoption.

Selling animals at a flea market is illegal in the state of Massachusetts, but with no surveillance footage available at the market and undetailed description of the seller, authorities are still looking for the woman who had been selling the dogs.

"We see a lot of roadside sales of sick animals, buyer beware," Animal Rescue League of Boston's Lt. Alan Borgal said. "I would not buy a dog out of a parking lot. You have no idea what you’re taking on."

The only description available is that she is a heavy-set Latina woman who was seen leaving the market in a dark-colored older model Toyota. The staff at the market will also be on the lookout for the woman if she returns.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact the ARL's Law Enforcement Department at 617-426-9170.