Girl injured after ice falls off tractor-trailer, smashes windshield

ANDOVER, Mass. — A 6-year-old girl was injured after ice flew off of a tractor-trailer and smashed through the windshield, Massachusetts State Police say.

Around 1:45 p.m. Thursday, state police received calls reporting a large piece of ice coming off a tractor-trailer on I-495 in Andover.

Amanda Grenier said she was on her way home from Woburn  with her child Avery after picking up Valentine's Day gifts.

Avery, who was in a car seat in the back seat, was taken to Lawrence General Hospital after the ice smashed the windshield of the 2018 Toyota she was in.

"My daughter was screaming and I had turned around quickly, seen she was bleeding and I just pulled over," Grenier said. "Luckily, she has no glass in her eyes, no glass stuck in her. She was a trooper."

Her mother tells us the truck driver looked right at her, but kept driving.

"I was beeping like crazy trying to get the guys attention, and the guy looked at my car," Grenier said. "He seen I was going crazy, beeping, and he kept driving."

A witness called State Police with the truck's license plate number.

Now, Grenier is hoping to send a message to the driver that caused the incident to happen.

"Clean off your snow," Grenier said. "If cars have to do it, 18 wheelers have to do it, because luckily my daughter didn’t get as hurt, but she could have."

Police say the investigation into the incident is ongoing.