• Frostbitten rabbits rescued from Cape Cod parking lot ready for adoption


    BOSTON - Three rabbits were found in mid-January huddled under a shopping cart at a Whole Foods in Hyannis. 

    The skinny, scared and frostbitten rabbits were rescued by MSPCA Cape Cod and nursed back to health. 

    “The fact that they were all huddled together in the same place points to them being dropped there vs. having escaped from a home,” said Mary Sarah Fairweather, director of the MSPCA-Cape Cod animal care and adoption center.

    They've been named Tempeh, Seitan and Jackfruit and have recovered weight and fur since being taken in. 

    "They were each about two pounds underweight and losing their fur ... it's very likely they wouldn't have survived another night out in the cold," MSPCA officials said in a news release. 

    “We’re so lucky that they were brought to us in time because if they didn’t die from exposure they could have easily succumbed to their illnesses,” said Fairweather. “Now that they’ve put on a bit of weight their futures look much brighter.” 

    Tempeh had surgery to repair a damaged eyelid and remains in Methuen for care. MSPCA says all three are ready for adoption and looking for forever homes. 

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