Fraternity ousts 2 students who waved Trump flag at Wellesley College

WELLESLEY, Mass. — College students in Wellesley are figuring out how to move forward after two men from Babson allegedly harassed and spit at students from Wellesley College while driving around with a Donald Trump flag.

The incident happened shortly after Trump defeated Wellesley alumna Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

Police spoke to the men, who haven't been identified, but have been kicked out of their fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon.

"We are officially banned from Wellesley College, if were caught there we will be arrested and subject to trespassing. Make America great again," one of the men said in a Snapchat video.

Wellesley students say the incident happened outside the Harambe House, a focal point for students of African descent at the college.

"Emotions were definitely running high then to get out of classes and hear about it was just really upsetting," Wellesley College student Sabrina Beaver said.

The fraternity released a statement about what happened.

"This type of abusive, misogynistic behavior has no place in our society, and we're proud of our chapter swiftly removing these men from our organization."

Babson College said there have been more than 40 bias incident reports filed about the incident.

"I think for the most part this doesn't represent Babson students or who they are. A lot of students have come out and said ‘we're with you, we support you, this isn't who we are' and that important," Beavers said.