Foxborough father dies after getting attacked by swarm of bees

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — A Foxborough father of two was killed over the weekend after he was attacked by a swarm of bees while doing yard work, his family told Boston 25 News.

Eric Dahl, 48, was doing yard work at his Keryns Way home Saturday when he was stung by the bees, his father-in-law Harry Romsey told Boston 25 News.

His wife, Alison Dahl, said her husband was in great health and they had completed a six-mile run earlier in the day. She said he told her he didn't feel well before he passed out and he was dead within an hour of being stung.

Accoridng to Romsey, Dahl made it back to the back deck before he stumbled off it and collapsed.

Appreciate every moment!!! Harry Romsey said his son-in-law Eric Dahl was blowing leaves in his yard Sunday when they believe he stumbled upon a bees nest. He was stung several times. Tragically, the Foxboro husband and father of two was dead within an hour. His wife tells me Eric wasn't allergic to bees and doctors believe the shock triggered a heart attack. Now the family hopes this terrible loss will be a wake up call to others. Their plea Boston 25 News starting at 4.

Posted by Kerry Kavanaugh on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Eric Dahl was taken to Norwood Hospital where he later died of what is believed to have been a heart attack.

The couple have two daughters – Emma, 14 and Casey, 12.

Romsey says his family is hoping this is a wakeup call to anyone out working in the yard.

He believes the shock from the stings triggered the heart attack, but investigators are waiting on test results.

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