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FOX25 Investigates Worcester police officer under investigation for off-duty confrontation

WORCESTER, Mass. — An off-duty police officer accused of losing his cool behind the wheel and threatening another driver is now under investigation for the incident which was mostly captured on dash cam video.

A Worcester man shared the video with FOX25 Investigates after making a complaint to police.

In the video, the man, later identified as an off duty officer, can be seen in civilian clothes with a boy in the passenger seat of an unmarked white SUV, waving a badge at the other driver along Park Ave in Worcester.

“He said that he took my plate down and he and his buddies were going to be coming to visit me,” said the man who asked not to be identified. “I thought I was being threatened by somebody… I honestly didn’t believe it was a real police officer at first. I didn’t think a police officer would act like that.”

Before the confrontation, the driver says he notice the other vehicle following him, but he says he doesn’t know what set the person off.

“I tried to slow down to let him pass. He got behind me. I tried to speed up. He sped up.”

The driver says he printed a still image from the dash camera and shared it with police, who confirmed the man in the video was a Worcester police officer.

A sergeant with Worcester Police did not identify the officer, but tells FOX25 the incident is now being investigated by the department’s Bureau of Professional Standards.

“We are aware of the complaint and like all complaints made against police officers, it will be fully investigated,” said Worcester Police Chief Gary J. Gemme in a statement e-mailed to FOX25.

The driver involved says the officer never tried to pull him over or give him a ticket.

“I think it’s unfair that police officers take advantage of the power they have. Whether they’re on duty or off duty, he didn’t handle himself correctly, I feel,” said the driver.

FOX25 also contacted the Worcester Mayor and City Manager’s Offices, but they declined any further comment and deferred to the statement from police.

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