Former Red Sox pitcher Rich Hill, wife arrested at Gillette Stadium Saturday

Former Red Sox P Rich Hill, wife arrested at Gillette Stadium Saturday

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Former Red Sox pitcher Rich Hill is facing charges after he and his wife were arrested outside Gillette Stadium on Saturday.

Hill, who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and his wife, Caitlin, allegedly tried repeatedly to enter the stadium before the Patriots-Bills game with an oversized bag. After they were not allowed entry, they refused to leave, police say.

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Security at Gillette Stadium is strict about its policy that only allows people to enter with their belongings in clear bags as a safety measure. Boston 25 News has learned that Caitlin Hill had become combative when she was told she could not bring in her fanny pack, even allegedly giving the middle finger to one guard.

According to court documents, she tried hiding the pack in her coat after being told she could not enter with it. She tried going to a total of three security gates to try and enter, allegedly becoming more aggressive and argumentative until she was ultimately told to leave the property and arrested.

An officer wrote in the incident report: “He advised her again that she could not bring her purse (fanny pack) in and she became belligerent, and started swearing at Mr. Martell and giving him the middle finger.”

Rich Hill, a Milton, Mass. native, allegedly tried to stop police from arresting his wife during the incident by not moving away from the transport vehicle that was set to take his wife to the station. That act led to additional felony charges of resisting arrest for Hill.

“I observed his body become tense and rigid," one officer wrote in his report. "He then lunged forward in a tumultuous manner, at the same time yelling he didn’t have to move.”

Both Hills were taken to the police station and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

That resisting arrest charge was dismissed during their arraignment in Wrentham District Court on Monday and the other criminal charges were reduced to civil infractions. Collectively, the couple had to pay $750 in fines.

Hill’s attorney, Francis T. O’Brien Jr., of O’Brien Law in Boston released the following statement regarding the incident.

This was a terribly unfortunate event that should never have escalated beyond a routine encounter with Stadium Security. Commendably, the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office recognized this and the matter was appropriately resolved as a civil, non criminal, infraction. This was a fair and proper resolution and the matter is closed.
Francis T. O’Brien Jr.

O’Brien also released the following statement on behalf of Rich Hill.

Despite Saturday’s events, my great respect for law enforcement remains unchanged. However, seeing my wife handcuffed for a problem that started because of her fanny pack was extremely difficult for me to witness. This was all overblown and we are glad to have it behind us.
Rich Hill