Fitchburg and Central Massachusetts DPW crews prepare for an ice storm

Fitchburg and Central Massachusetts DPW crews prepare for an ice storm

FITCHBURG, Mass. — Fitchburg is one of the hilliest cities in the country. With this ice storm, it makes it that much more dangerous getting around. DPW crews have been hard at work salting and sanding the roads.

For lifelong Fitchburg homeowner Tim Hargon, getting the sand spread across his driveway is a necessity.

“Today and tomorrow, I think it will be slick, and then freeze,” Hargon said.

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Getting around Fitchburg in the overnight hours and early morning will make for a potentially dangerous commute.

“I recommend people stay in, don’t go out. Don’t go for a walk, the surfaces will be icy,” said Dept. Fire Chief Thomas Dateo.

Dateo said the hills aren’t the only thing to be concerned about.

“The biggest problem is the ice on the powerlines,” Dateo said.

City officials don’t want to relive the 2008 ice storm.

“It was awful,” Dateo said. “You couldn’t navigate through the city.”

For tonight’s ice storm, more than a dozen DPW crews have been called into pre-treat the roads throughout the night.

“It’s pretty icy, as you can see, the car, it’s icy,” said Marc Bastine, a Fitchburg State University graduate.

Not knowing what mother nature will bring our way, folks in Fitchburg started stocking up on groceries for the week.

“Some chicken breast, some water,” said Bastine.

“Don’t go anywhere if you don’t have all wheel drive, stay in, do yourself a favor,” said Ronald Olausen of Fitchburg.

Throughout the night, not only are DPW crews out and about, firefighters are also prepared. A worry for them, with all the hills, and ice, it could cause for cars and trucks slipping and going into homes.