• First responders rescue Quincy residents from nor'easter aftermath


    QUINCY, Mass. - Residents in Quincy who rode out the first night of the storm left their homes on Saturday after they were left without power.

    National Guard members worked non stop to rescue those trapped by flood waters. Children, pets and even power company workers, such as Dave Hall, needed some help getting out of the mess the nor'easter left behind.

    Coastal Quincy had already felt the effects of the nor'easter on Friday night, but another band of the system hit them on Saturday morning, coinciding with a third high tide that sent massive waves against the seawall, eventually spilling sea water onto roads and homes.

    After spending 24 hours in the dark, even the more seasoned New Englanders couldn't take it any longer. 

    "(It's) just too cold, and another night its just too cold," said Carol Iacivita, a resident. "There's no water, there's no electricity, no contact with anybody."

    Nearly 60 people were still in shelters on Saturday morning as officials were still working on cleaning up efforts and assessing roads, utilities and houses. 

    "We were stuck down there since last night yesterday morning, roads are all blocked because of the water," said Hall. "Across the board this is the most damaging (storm) and I'm very concerned about the infrastructure damage."

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