• First responders allegedly attacked while responding to mattress fire in Brockton


    BROCKTON, Mass. – Police officers were body slammed and firefighters were assaulted while responding to a fire in Brockton, a source tells Boston 25 News.

    The incident took place on North Montello Street early Sunday morning when responders were called for a mattress fire.

    “It was the situation surrounding the fire that became very intense,” Deputy Fire Chief Joe Marchetti said.

    That situation, police say, was a 27-year-old, 6-foot-10 man who weighs 300 pounds.

    Trish, the woman who lives upstairs from that man, said she tried to put out the fire and get everyone outside before police responded, but that was more difficult than expected.

    “[He] is a beautiful person. I know that something had to have happened,” she said. “It was really bad, he needed help.”

    Authorities say the man barricaded himself in a room, stabbed himself at least a dozen times, then set the mattress on fire. When police arrived, the man wouldn’t let them help.

    “He became very agitated outside, and fought with police and fire outside of the building,” Marchetti said.

    Fire officials say, the man was shocked with a Taser several times. He even forced his way out of the ambulance and allegedly attacked two firefighters. 

    “He was screaming yelling loudly, came at one of our firefighters and knocked the firefighter to the ground and punched another firefighter in the throat,” Marrchetti said.

    Sources tell Boston 25 News firefighter Jeff Morrison became dysphonic. He was punched in the throat so hard, his voice changed. Doctors told the fire fighters, they both have soft tissue damage.

    Meanwhile back at the house, Trish is hoping her neighbor will get the help that he needs. 

    “I really think the holidays puts people in a dark place, sometimes you need that light to bring you out of that dark place,” she said.

    The 27-year-old is still in the hospital with his mother by his side. He will face charges, but Brockton police tell Boston 25 News they haven’t yet finished their report because the officers involved were too injured.


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