• 200 firefighters work 3-alarm fire in Manchester, NH


    MANCHESTER, N.H. - More than one dozen people are homeless after a large fire ripped through a New Hampshire rooming house.

    The fire broke out on Hanover St. around 11 a.m. Thursday morning. Fire investigators say the blaze started in the back of the building, leaving many residents on the other side clueless they were in danger.

    "I heard a girl scream that there's a fire. I looked out through the back hallway door to access the outside and there was a big flame coming out," said Eddie.

    Eddie, who lives on the front side of the building, says he quickly realized not all of his neighbors knew they were in danger.

    "That's when I pulled the fire alarm and tried to get everybody out," said Eddie. 

    He pulled three people to safety, including one of his neighbors who is physically disabled and confined to a wheelchair.

    When crews arrived to the three-alarm fire, the flames and smoke were so intense, they couldn't even search for victims inside. Officials say everyone made it out, thanks in no small part to people like Eddie. 

    Investigators believe the fire was sparked on a stovetop.

    The Red Cross is assisting the victims with donations and a safe place to stay.

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