Firefighters describe scene of deadly Newton crash as complete chaos

Firefighters describe scene of deadly Newton crash as complete chaos

NEWTON, Mass. — Firefighters who responded to the scene of a deadly car crash in Newton described the scene as complete chaos in new reports that were released Monday.

Two people were killed and seven others injured after an SUV crashed into the Sweet Tomatoes restaurant on Washington Street.

FOX25 obtained the fire department report that details what it was like inside the building as firefighters raced to rescue the people inside.

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The investigation into what caused the crash is still ongoing, and although the drivers’ license has been suspended there have been no criminal charges.

That driver, 55-year-old Brad Casler, was driving on Chestnut Street when he drove right across Washington Street and into the restaurant.


In the new reports, firefighters described the scene.

"One victim was pinned between the vehicle and pizza oven, the other victim was on the ground next to the driver side door of the SUV," the report said.

Firefighters found 57-year-old Eleanor Miele lying by Casler's SUV and 32-year-old Gregory Morin pinned by the pizza oven showing no visible signs of life.

was found still in the front seat of the vehicle and still conscious. FOX25 was on the scene as emergency responders spoke to him while wheeling him away on a stretcher.

New information about the immediate response also talks about the search for a missing baby in the minutes after the crash.

"The crew did a detailed search for the reported missing baby. The search consisted of climbing on top of and looking under kitchen equipment, lifting granite counter top pieces, looking under many empty pizza boxes, tables, chairs and any voids,” the report said.

When asked about the search, the district attorney would only say that no additional victims were identified.

The report says Casler's SUV hit a gas line when it crashed. Fire crews shut the gas off as they removed victims from the building.