14 people without a home after early morning house fire in Revere

14 people without a home after early morning house fire in Revere

REVERE, Mass. — Fourteen people, including five kids, are displaced from a two-family dwelling after an early Sunday morning fire in Revere, the fire chief said. Nobody was injured in the fire, but many lives were turned upside down.

Treacherous conditions for revere firefighters as the water they sprayed to douse a house fire on Florence Street in Revere quickly turned to ice.

"The guys worked really hard for what they could to save the building," said Revere's Deputy Fire Chief. "But unfortunately [they were] not able to save the building."

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Hope Presson lives across the street; she woke up to the sound of sirens getting closer.

"You could see black smoke pouring out," she said, adding that, within 15 minutes, the attic was an inferno. "You saw the flames just bursting out the top."

The fire broke out sometime around 5 a.m. Sunday. It took about four hours to take it down.

That area of Revere is up on a hill with the Atlantic Ocean nearby. Usually, a stiff breeze comes off the water, and that was true Sunday morning. The houses are all packed tightly together so that made getting the fire out fast imperative.

"You're thinking those flames could go anywhere," Presson said. "I'm glued here, like where's it going now?"

Fortunately, the fire didn't go anywhere else. But where fire forced ice on Sunday, there was hardship as fourteen people saved what was left and prepared to move on.

The fire was contained mostly to the second and third floors, the chief said, and quickly elevated to two alarms. Officials said the building is probably a total loss. The Red Cross assisted in the response.