Fenway adds new video board, expands dugouts for 2017 season

BOSTON — Red Sox Owner John Henry and President Sam Kennedy showed off the new improvements to Fenway Park Thursday, as staff continued the finishing touches before opening day.

The annual walk through Fenway showed off the new dugouts, more seats, and an expanded virtual reality area.

Dugout Expansion

The depth both dugouts was increased by moving the front rail of the dugouts forward 3 feet. This allowed for the addition of a new row of seats in the area from home plate to each dugout, and additional rows of seating behind the camera pits on the first and third base side, which also moved forward.

“Tully Tavern”

A new bar has been added in the Right Field Grandstand, called Tully Tavern in partnership with Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whiskey. The bar will have charging stations, serve Fenway Franks and other concession items. Seats in the new gathering space range from $35 dollars for Tier 5 games, to $75 for Tier 1 games.

Right Field Terrace Video Board

A new video board in right field measures 14’ high by 46’ wide and will provide improved access to game information, replays, and video content. This will be helpful for those sitting in the Bleacher Seats and Green Monster area.

Virtual Reality Batting Cage

The current virtual reality station is in the Kids Concourse, and now there's a new VR batting cage where fans can take virtual swings against Major League players.

Pesky Pole Refurbished

The Right Field Foul Pole, “Pesky Pole,” was reinforced and refurbished. Mayor Marty Walsh signed the pole on the tour Thursday.

New Concession Offerings

Aramark, Fenway Park’s concessionaire, served up some of the new offerings Thursday during the tour. Regina Pizzeria is now the official pizza provider at Fenway. Yankee Lobster from the Seaport has also partnered with the Red Sox and will have lobster rolls. Savenor’s Market is the butcher and meat supplier for Fenway and this year it will serve a short-rib grilled cheese sandwich and turkey and steak tip sandwiches. The Big Concourse also now has a salad and fruit bar.

Opening Day is Monday at 2:05 p.m. against the Pirates.