Family searching for answers 3 years after Sabrina Hatheway's disappearance

For the family of a missing Worcester woman, this time of year is very painful. Three years ago, Sabrina Hatheway, a mother of two, disappeared.

Eleven-year-old Alejandra Medina is on Dixfield Road in Worcester with her family, looking for her mother Sabrina Hatheway. Three years ago, a house belonging to the grandmother of Sabrina's boyfriend, Kevin Crozier, stood on the site. At the time, Sabrina was staying with him at the house, but today, Crozier is in jail awaiting trial on arson charges for burning the house down.

Sabrina Hatheway was last seen on December 20, 2014. Her family firmly believes Sabrina was the victim of foul play and they believe Sabrina's boyfriend knows a lot more about what happened to her.

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Her daughter is speaking for the first time and believes she's still on the property.

"I have dreams about her that she's still here," said Alejandra. "She says that I'm everything. She told me not to forget about her."

Lisa Hatheway is Sabrina's aunt. She knew when Sabrina didn't come home for Christmas three years ago, something was drastically wrong and then, just days after Sabrina vanished, the house burned down. Lisa has never stopped looking for Sabrina, and she fears the worst.

Earlier this year, in an unrelated incident, Sabrina's mother, Brenda Hatheway died in what prosecutors allege was an act of domestic violence. Brenda never found her daughter and now this family, enduring intense pain, is hoping someone will help them.

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"She has a daughter and a family that deserves answers. We deserve answers. We want to know where she is at. We want to know where her remains are, something. Let us put this to rest," said Lisa.

In public statements, Crozier has denied hurting Sabrina, but her family won't rest until Sabrina is found.


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