• Family of unsolved death victim fearful as former husband released from prison

    By: Julie Leonardi


    EAST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. - More than six years after the mysterious death of an East Bridgewater woman, Kim Parker's family is still fighting to get the answers they need. They still don't know how she died. 

    Parker's husband, Richard, was never questioned for her death. He will be released from prison on Friday after serving time for attempted murder stemming from an assault of parker before her death. 

    The family is now afraid of what he could do next. 

    "A wonderful, smart, loving, kind 45-year-old woman is gone, and nobody can tell me why," said Stephanie Deeley, Kim Parker's sister.

    More than six years have passed since 45-year-old Kim Parker was found dead outside her East Bridgewater home by her husband.

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    Richard Parker had been arrested for attacking his wife with a knife and was out on bail at the time. He was never questioned by police for her death, nor was the case even considered suspicious.

    Years later Kim's family is still fighting for justice. 

    "It's scary to think that this man is going to be out," Deeley said, now fearful Richard Parker’s release will put others in harm's way. 

    The family still doesn't know how Kim died. The autopsy came back undetermined for cause of death – and the investigation is still open.

    Kim's family is working to get a clean copy of the police report from the night of Kim's death. Until then, they will continue to be left in the dark.  

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