Family members remain hospitalized after drunken driver causes bus crash

Family members remain hospitalized after drunken driver causes bus crash

BERKLEY, Mass. — It's been four days since a terrifying bus crash injured dozens of people on their way home from a family trip. A family spokesperson tells Boston 25 News several of them are still in the hospital.

In a split second, Rich Quintal says life changed for many of his loved ones who were on board a bus when it crashed Saturday night.

"It wasn't a pretty sight. It wasn't a pretty sight when I got into the ER," said Quintal.

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They were heading back to Tiverton, Rhode Island from Attleboro's La Salette Shine when an accused drunken driver cut into the bus lane, forcing the school bus off the road. It flipped several times and landed deep in the woods off Route 25 in Berkley.

"I'm really concerned with the kids though... what they saw," said Quintal.

Rich is one of the family members now speaking out on behalf of the people who were hurt. He says it will be months before any of them can return to work and has started a GoFundMe account for everyone affected.

"Some will not be able to work for some time. Some may not be able to work in their past occupations," he said.

Rich says his family comes to La Salette every year to see the Christmas lights, but this year's trip came on the heels of another family tragedy. Just the day before, many on board attended a funeral for an older member of their family who had just died of cancer.

"His children, grandchildren, as well as other family and friends were on the bus. He died quickly and suddenly within three weeks of being diagnosed," said Quintal.

Several children were among those on board, but all are out of the hospital at this point. However, five of Rich's relatives and close friends are still being treated at Rhode Island Hospital.

Police arrested 27-year-old Christy Gilpatrick on scene for her second OUI offense. She pleaded not guilty in court on Monday.

Despite the pain she's caused, Rich and his family members aren't angry, they're just praying for her.

"I feel bad she made a bad choice," he said. "But she broke lives and I hope she gets what she deserves."

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