• Family discovers mother's grave relocated without their permission

    By: Robert Goulston


    KINGSTON, Mass. - A Kingston family says their loved one was moved from one burial location to another at the cemetery their mother is buried in.

    Cassandra and her brother Greg remember the day they had to say goodbye to their mother back in May 2013.

    "The day she was buried was a beautiful weekend. Mother's Day Weekend, ironically," said Cassandra.

    They say the burial location at Kingston Evergreen Cemetery was special, but this week when they went to visit in honor of her birthday, something was not right. 

    "Like I had forgotten where she had been buried for a split moment. I thought it was just me," said Greg.

    But it wasn't just Greg. Apparently, their mother's cremated remains were moved to a new location within the cemetery. 

    "To come down on New Year's Day to show up to find out she has been moved without any contact. It just seems inhumane," said Cassandra. 

    The family was told by the cemetery superintendent there was a mistake on the location five years ago and it came to light when someone else purchased a plot.

    "He told me that it was that she was placed, buried in the wrong plot number and they had to make their records right," said Cassandra. 

    Below is a statement from John G. Guevremont, Jr., President of The Kingston Evergreen Association:

    "The Board of Trustees of the KECA were made aware of the situation and are actively investigating the matter to determine what has occurred.

    We have spoken with the family and are working with them to rectify the situation.

    Once the investigation is complete the Board of Trustees will communicate and work directly with the family."

    The family says this mix-up makes an already awful situation worse because their mother's exact cause of death is still unknown

    "Her death certificate says probable homicide due to the condition of her remains," said Cassandra.

    Now, the family just wants to make sure their mother's final resting place does not turn into a mystery, like her death. 

    "Why couldn't someone just call us to explain the situation. We are rational, mature adults. Could have talked through it," said Cassandra. 

    Boston 25 News tried to speak with the cemetery superintendent, but a woman in his landscaping business would only tell us he is unavailable. 

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