• Eversource construction process to help make Harborwalk less disjointed


    BOSTON -- A new Eversource project in South Boston could make life easier on those trying to get to and from the Seaport District.

    The project is aimed at making the Harborwalk complete, by allowing access through an area that is currently blocked by a substation for the company near East First Street.

    The blockage is located next to a FedEx shipping center, and prevents people enjoying the area or commuting on the path from continuing their journey.

    Eversource filed paperwork with the state to add a 100-foot lightning rod and a 27-foot voltage regulator near the substation. After negotiations, they also agreed to fix the Harborwalk and connect the sides now blocked.

    This isn’t the only break in the near-continuous 43-mile park along the shoreline, but a link here would go a long way to help the influx of businesses and condos in the area. 

    “Sounds nice, I mean it would be nice for me and my family to go on dog walks,” Bob Schrock said. 

    Eversource is still awaiting multiple approvals from the state before this can go forward.

    The company says it will give more detailed plans about the Harborwalk portion which could stretch into next year.


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