• Everett teachers fearing massive layoffs amid district budget crisis


    EVERETT, Mass. - Everett teachers are fearing massive layoffs as the school district grapples with budget problems.

    The school district's $9 million shortfall was cut dramatically, but it still doesn't expect to have enough money for next year, meaning many teachers could lose their jobs.

    103 positions are in danger of being cut, including 67 teaching jobs.

    "We’re getting less money now than we did in 2016," said Superintendent Frederick Foresteire.

    Foresteire has been railing against a loss in state aid, which could mean a drop in the teachers employed across the school system and consequently having a huge impact on the district.

    "It’s a big concern for teachers, it is for custodians, clerical help there's 103 people positions," said Superintendent Foresteire.

    Kim Auger is a 5th grade teacher and union president, and she says this would affect people across the board.

    "Very concerned, as of right now they are saying that there will be 103 positions system-wide that will be eliminated and 67 of those will be teachers," said Auger. "Coaches, interventionalists and people like that are going to be eliminated.”

    Toward the end of a meeting on Monday night, State Senator and Everett parent Sal DiDomenico shared what state lawmakers are doing to help address some of Everett's money woes.

    "In the senate budget this year we have put together what I believe is a simple fix, but a permanent fix that I believe will help us get back to the funding levels that we had before," said DiDomenico.

    The next step for the district will be on June 13 when school officials will present their budget proposals to the city council and school committee.

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