East Boston woman gets stuck in the mud during Thursday walk with dog

EAST BOSTON — An afternoon walk with her dog turned out to be anything but a day at the beach for a woman in East Boston.

“I was trying to make my way over to what looked like gravel, but it wasn’t,” said Camille Coelho.

That’s because Coelho, who was collecting sea glass, got stuck in the mud at low tide in Orient Heights.

“I was out there collecting it and I started to sink, and my shoe went down,” Coelho said.

Her dog Lucy was much luckier.

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“She didn’t sink because she has wide paws with webbing. I do not,” Coelho said.

But Coelho kept on sinking right up to her knees.

“It was kind of muddy and I was getting slowly stuck in the mud,” she said.

That’s when some people nearby noticed her struggling and called 911. First responders arrived in minutes.

“So, they got out a ladder and kind of distributed the weight a little better,” Coelho said.

After 15-to-20 minutes stuck in the mud, Coelho was finally pulled to safety. She and Lucy were fine and headed home for a well-deserved bath.