E-cigarette causes smoking suitcase scare at Logan Airport

BOSTON — A full-sized suitcase triggered an alarm at Boston Logan International Airport over the busy travel weekend, and the cause for concern was a little out of the ordinary.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) came across a smoking suitcase. Yes, a large suitcase with smoke pouring out from the seams.

According to TSA's Office of Public Affairs, the packed, blue plastic roller-bag had smoke rising out of it and caused chaos in the checked baggage screening room.

The checked baggage screening room had to be evacuated for nearly an hour to allow State Police and Port Fire & Rescue teams to check the suitcase for explosives.

It turned out that the smoking suitcase was triggered by a lithium battery inside an e-cigarette.

The TSA added that the incident took place during the record-setting Thanksgiving travel period when they screened 56,686 passengers plus their checked and carry-on bags.

The smoking suitcase belonged to a passenger who was flying to Kansas City. He was quickly contacted by authorities and his flight was delayed until the situation was cleared.

The TSA said this incident did not affect any other passengers.