Dunkin' officially breaks up with the classic hot cup

CANTON, Mass. — Dunkin' Donuts is saying goodbye to the foam cups -- and with that goes the trend of double cupping cold drinks.

The Canton-based chain is rolling out an ad campaign and giveaways to help customers cope.

For years now, the cold cup in a hot cup has been a common request at the Dunkin' drive-through. But Dunkies says it's time to break up with the double cup.

The campaign they are launching is to let customers know it's time to un-cup-le.

New Englanders fall into two distinct categories: those who disdain Styrofoam for its environmental impact, and those who have equal disdain for the condensation on their Dunks iced coffee.

But according to Dunkin' folklore, double cupping started in Rhode Island and since when did Massachusetts follow Rhode Island trends anyway?

The company's chief operating officer knows people are gonna miss foam bae. He says he's heard from people who say the break-up with the cup is going to ruin the best part of their day.

Dunkin' is trying to soften the blow for customers, so they are launching a campaign today in stores with workers wearing pins saying "the double cup is breaking up."

They will also have ads up in stores letting customers know about the change. Some stores are also giving away koozies to help ease the pain of losing the cups.

Dunkin' says it plans on rolling out double-walled cups that will replace the foam cups in the next two weeks.

It's plastic-lined and still not 100-percent recyclable, but Dunkies feels it's a good step-down from this distinctly New England love affair with the Styrofoam cup.