• Driver suffers minor injuries in crash that lodged vehicle under truck

    By: Maria Papadopoulos


    UXBRIDGE, Mass. - A driver suffered minor injuries in a horrific crash that caused his vehicle to become airborne, then land without brakes and slide under a truck. 

    Police and fire crews responded to a motor vehicle accident on Route 146 earlier Tuesday. 

    The driver's vehicle struck an object while traveling north, launched the vehicle into the air, and then, without brakes, travel across a grassy area, and into the northbound on-ramp, the Uxbridge Fire Department said on in a Facebook post.

    The vehicle then slid "completely under this trailer and just about out the other side. Then was dragged a good distance up the on-ramp," the post said.

    The driver was able to get out of his vehicle through the driver's side door.

    He was sent to the hospital "and we are pleased (and amazed) to say, is recovering from only minor injuries," the Fire Department said. 

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