Driver rescued in Woburn after car gets swallowed by sinkhole

A driver had to be rescued in Woburn after their call was swallowed by a sinkhole, with the whole incident caught on camera.

Crews worked all day on Wildwood Avenue in Woburn Tuesday to fix a sinkhole that formed from a water main break.

One unsuspecting driver fell victim to the sinkhole, as they went right through while not realizing how deep the water was.

Surveillance video caught the moment, as water began to fill the car and a nearby police officer spotted the panicked driver.

The officer picked up the driver from inside the car nad pulled him through the window back to land.

Water rushed down the street Tuesday morning, with the car's nose dipping into the sinkhole and water covering the front tire.

The footage of the incident came from Woburn Foreign Auto Body Shop on the corner of Olympia Avenue and Wildwood Avenue, with employees saying this isn't the first time they've seen problems on that street.

"Whether the water main burst, the street gets flooded," Jim Cooper, an appraiser at the shop, said. "I haven’t seen any sink holes, but this could have happened over night and I never saw it. This is an interesting corner."

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Appraisers from the shop say the car is likely a total loss.

Workers from the Department of Public Works worked all day long to repair the road, with auto body workers snapping a photo of a busted pipe being removed from the ground.

"We've seen the water mains a few times, but this one kind of took the cake," Cooper said.