Driver catches Route 3 road rage incident on dashcam video

Driver catches Route 3 road rage incident on dashcam video

LOWELL, Mass. — Noel Santana was on his way to work early Monday morning when he and a pickup truck driver narrowly missed each other merging onto Route 3 south.

“As we were both going into the middle lane he almost hit me, so that’s when I swerved out of his way," said Santana, a Lowell resident, of the encounter around 4:30 a.m.

He thought that was it and passed the truck, but that's when the pickup driver lost it.

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“He tried to ... like push me off the road in the fast lane," Santana said.

He went into a rage behind the wheel, drove onto the grassy median, and “… like racing me like side to side.," Santana said.

The road rage was all caught on his dashcam, Santana said.

“When he smashes it, I guess he got angrier. Ths is when he floored it passes me and I let him go," Santana said.

But it isn't over. The pickup driver slams on his breaks, once and then again.

Santana tries to avoid him by slowing down onto the grassy median, but this pickup driver's road rage reaches a boiling point and he clips Santana's vehicle.

“He hits me on the right side and that’s when my car spun my car hit the railing and it was over right there," Santana said.

As Santana spins out of control, across three lanes of early morning traffic, slamming into the guard rail and facing oncoming traffic, Santana said he was stunned.

His wife, Erin Billingsley, is just glad he's OK.

“I didn’t care about our car. A life is more important than a vehicle. You can replace a vehicle any time," she said.

Santana reported the incident to State Police, who confirmed for Boston 25 News that they're investigating.