• Dozens gather to remember young woman killed in head-on crash


    SOMERSET, Mass. - SOMERSET, Mass. - Nearly 100 people gathered in Somerset on Friday night to remember the life of a young woman killed in a head-on collision with a police cruiser earlier in the day.

    Hailey Allard, 21, was studying to be a nurse at UMass Dartmouth to one day be able to help kids beat cancer.

    "No one compares to Hailey," said Ali Shaw, a friend. "She was just all around amazing, she worked two jobs, three jobs."

    Lit with candles and decorated with flowers, the street where Allard was killed was packed with dozens of people, friends, family and even strangers who showed up to pay they respects.

    To her friends and family, words don't come easy to express the hurt of losing someone so suddenly.

    "She was a beautiful person, my best friend," said Allard's grandmother.

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    Police say Allard was driving down Riverside Avenue in Somerset just after midnight on Friday when a police cruiser crashed into her head-on.

    Authorities said the officer was responding to a report of a car break-in when the collision happened. They believe Allard was trying to turn left onto her street.

    "His car was trashed, he was very delirious when I helped him out of his vehicle," said David LaVoie, a witness. "He was stuck in the vehicle and then he sat down on the sidewalk and they eventually took him to the hospital."

    LaVoie said the officer appeared to have sustained a head injury, but tried to help Allard.

    Allard was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced deceased.

    "He said he wasn’t sure what happened, that he thought the people cut in front of him, that’s all he said to me," said LaVoie.

    As the investigation continues, the community says they will keep honoring Allard's life.

    "We just want to remember her for who she was, and that’s the most loving, caring, she would give anything for any type of person," said Shaw.

    While the family said they were too emotional to speak, they released a statement, saying in part that Allard was full of life and energy, that she was ambitious and loved her family and two brothers with all her heart.

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