Dozens gather at Boston Common for anti-Asian hate rally

BOSTON — Standing up to Asian hate, dozens gathered in the Boston Common Sunday for a rally. Students even stood up to share their own experiences of Asian hate here in Massachusetts.

“I remember being in a playground, and this was around when I was 7 or 8, and just realizing other parents, while I was talking to their kids, would sort of caress their kids and bring them to them as if I was some sort of disease,” said Alex Li, a high school student in Boston.

William Qin, a fifth-grader in Belmont, said he was just riding his bike the other day when a man rolled down his window to yell a racist comment.

“After the incident, I was pretty worried and wanted to stay in the house and didn’t know where was safe and where wasn’t safe,” Qin said.

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One teenager in Lexington even wrote a song to bring awareness to the anti-Asian sentiment they’re experiencing.

“So we’re here saying, in this tragic rise of anti-Asian sentiment, crimes across the nation, what can we do? And that starts with education,” said Dr. Hua Wang, co-chair of the New England Chinese American Alliance.

This group is now calling on schools to include more Asian-American history in the K-12 curriculum, hoping education will end systemic racism.

“American history is not going to be complete without including the struggles, the contributions of Asian-Americans. We’re an integral part of this country, and we’re as American as anyone else here,” Dr. Wang said.