Dorian's storm surge spooks boat owners along Cape and Islands waterfront

CHATHAM, Mass. — The Outer Cape and Nantucket are bracing for what Hurricane Dorian could send their way as the storm passes by New England.

The timing is what has emergency officials in Chatham taking extra precautions. There are still a lot of tourists and boats in the water as the major storm creeps by.

We saw a lot of people being extra precautious on Thursday.

The beautiful views in Chatham have many tourists still filling up the town. Emergency officials down the street have been going over emergency plans and making sure they don't have any surprises as Hurricane Dorian gets ready to pass by.

The Chatham Harbormaster is urging boat owners to consider taking their boats out of the water, check moorings and stay off the water while the storm is off shore. At Outermost Harbor Marin, a temporary muscle wall was installed to help deal with potential flooding.

"They are pretty much like LEGOs. You put them all together, and they seal -- you see the join here if you want to look -- and they interconnect like that," owner Harrison Kahn explained. "Then you line the entire building -- prevents flooding up to four feet high."

The harbormaster in Chatham is keeping a close eye on Friday evening's high tide and Saturday morning.