• 'You came to the wrong state:' Houston police track Brady's stolen jerseys to Mexico

    By: Dalton Main


    HOUTSON - Houston police say the NFL is solely responsible for security in the locker room at the Super Bowl and hopes the organization takes a look at their protocol for the future. 

    Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo spoke to the media Monday afternoon, explaining his department's efforts to locate and recover the jersey Brady wore during Super Bowl LI. 

    Brady's jersey was stolen out of the locker room after the game and Chief Acevedo says Houston police teamed up with the FBI to track it down. 

    Acevedo explained it was tracked to Mexico through a suspect and located with the help of Mexican authorities. Brady's game-worn jersey from Super Bowl XLIX was also recovered, according to Acevedo. 

    "The jersey is in the hands of the NFL and the FBI. It is in Boston," Acevedo said. "but the reason the jersey was recovered was because of the men and women of the Houston Police Department."

    Acevedo said recovering the jersey was far from the department's top priority, but it was a matter of pride.

    "This was not the highest priority, but it was important for us to solve this case." he said, noting his attention was on the uptick in violent crime nationwide.

    "It's like the Texas bravado," Acevedo said. "You came to the wrong state."

    The chief said the NFL is responsible for security in the locker rooms at the Super Bowl. 

    "It was a jersey and now two jerseys...I just hope the NFL takes a look at their security in the locker rooms," said Acevedo. 

    He called the stolen jersey the only "blemish" on Houston's otherwise successful hosting of the Super Bowl. 

    "Efforts are being made right now to authenticate the jerseys," Acevedo explained. "We're highly confident these are, in fact, the jerseys."

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