Domestic violence victim flees burning Lynn home naked, covered in blood

LYNN, Mass. — A woman ran from a burning home in Lynn naked and covered in blood during a domestic violence incident that ended with a man trying to hurt himself, according to police.

ORIGINAL STORY: Naked woman escapes Lynn home during domestic attack, fire

Sources told Boston 25 News 54-year-old Michael Comeau carried out the violent attack on his 49-year-old girlfriend.

The victim was luckily able to escape and ran, naked and covered in blood, to her neighbor’s house for help and saying she believed the home was on fire.

“Her head was bashed in,” neighbor Debra Oblenes said. “She had a lot of gashes and blood on her face, head and leg.”

And in an unusual occurrence, rescue crews were met with two potbelly pigs roaming the house.

Firefighters said it took them a second to process what they were seeing before getting back to the business at hand.

They were able to round up the animals after putting out the flames.

Sources told Boston 25 News that Comeau allegedly carried out the assault tried to hurt himself with a knife.

He was taken, in handcuffs, to a different hospital than the victim.

Both are expected to recover.

Comeau is expected to face numerous charges including:

  • Arson of a dwelling
  • Mayhem
  • Attempted Murder
  • Assault and battery causing serious bodily injury
  • Aggravated rape
  • Restraining order violation