Dog thrown from car in Wellesley reunited with owners

Dog thrown from car in Wellesley reunited with owners

WELLESLEY, Mass. — Miso the dog went missing from his home on Saturday. The owners plastered the whole area with missing dog signs.

Then they got a call from two women in Maine who were in town and saw the dog being thrown out of a moving car.

The 5-month-old poodle is back at home with his sisters, but his owners are trying to find out who nearly killed him.

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"They said it was a black sports car going about 40 miles per hour," Miso's owner, Lidia Rossi, said.

The Rossis got a call from two young women from Maine who were driving behind that black sports car on Route 9 in Wellesley.

"They saw someone just throwing something black out the window and stopped, saying, 'I think that's an animal.'"

"I wasn't sure what it was at first and then it hit the pavement and I noticed it started running," Shaunee Grady told FOX25's Robert Goulston by phone.

The puppy didn't have any ID or chip, so they didn't know what to do. They took the dog home to Maine and started searching the web when they found a post on Missing Dogs of Massachusetts, an agency that has helped locate more than 900 dogs over the past year and a half.

They immediately called the owners and told them what they saw.

"At this point, I'm hyperventilating. I'm thinking something is wrong with my dog and I said is he alright and she said he's fine," Anthony Rossi said.

"It happened so fast the car kind of spun out after they had thrown the dog out, so I didn't to catch any plate numbers or anything like that," Grady said.

The Rossis jumped in their car and bee-lined it to Maine to go get Miso.

"Just to see them reuniting was just awesome," said Grady.

The Rossis had to convince the women to accept the $3,000 reward.

"I said, 'you're taking this, whether you like it or not. You're such good people.'" said Anthony Rossi.

"The only thing I really wanted was the dog to go back home to his owner," said Grady. "The reward wasn't even necessary, but I was really grateful for it."

The owner says he is working with several police departments along Route 9 to try to figure out who may be responsible.

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