Dog rescued from freezing water at Ashland State Park

ASHLAND, Mass. – An amazing pet rescue at Ashland State Park was all caught on camera but a high school senior shadowing the department.

A dog walker called the Ashland Fire Department franticly on Friday when the canine got out onto the ice and fell into the water more than 150 feet from shore.

“All the people in this department are animal lovers including myself so whether it’s a person or a dog it’s a high emergency for us,” Firefighter David Iarussi said.

The dog had already been in the frigid water for about 20 minutes when rescuers arrived.

“We were nervous for the dog’s sake - he was howling and we could hear him howling for help and we could just see his head above water going across the ice,” Firefighter Peter Stone said.

Three firefighters with protective suits and a specialized sled reached the dog in less than ten minutes.

“He seemed like he was really happy to see help,” Stone said.

From shore, other firefighters pulled the three men and the frigid dog to safety.

The whole rescue was caught on camera by high school senior Sabrina Weiner who has been shadowing the department for about two months.

She told Boston 25 News witnessing the rescue is more motivation for her to pursue her EMT license.

“I definitely want to take my medical career further,” Weiner said.

The dog was taken to an area vet and treated for hypothermia but is expected to be ok.