Dighton officials vote to euthanize dogs that mauled teen to death

Dighton officials vote to euthanize dogs that mauled teen to death

DIGHTON, Mass. — Two weeks after a teenage boy was mauled to death by a pack of dogs, Dighton's Board of Selectmen has decided what to do with those animals.

On May 9, 14-year-old Ryan Hazel was helping take care of the dogs when he was brutally attacked. Hazel later died from his injuries.

Dighton Animal Control says none of those dogs were licensed. They have been quarantined since the attack. The board discussed the animals' fate at a town meeting on Wednesday night after a tearful tribute to Hazel.

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With support from the Dighton Police, animal control and the Bristol County District Attorney's Office, the board unanimously voted to put the dogs down without hesitation.

"It was a tough decision however it was the right decision. I won’t be losing sleep over the decision. I don’t think any member will be," said board of selectmen chairman Kenneth Pacheco.

The owner of the dogs, 49-year-old Scott Dunmore, is a dog trainer. Hazel cared for Dunmore's animals on a regular basis and on May 9 he had gone to Dunmore's home to do chores.

All 11 dogs on Dunmore's property had been quarantined following the attack. Out of those, five dogs, one Dutch Shephard and four Belgian Malinois, were euthanized.

Initially, it was reported four dogs had been involved in the attack, but after the State Police conducted several tests on all the dogs found on the property, results indicated a fifth dog was involved, Selectman Nancy Goulart told Boston 25 News.

The five dogs were put down on Thursday morning shortly after 7:30 a.m.

While Scott Dunmore did not attend the hearing, he's not contesting the ruling and has already signed over the animals to the town. They are being held at the Rehoboth Animal Shelter and are expected to be put down within the next two days.

"Dighton is known as a small town with a big heart and Dighton’s big heart continues to grieve for Ryan Hazel and his family," said Selectwoman Nancy Goulart.