• Dic Donohue says life has come full circle since marathon shootout injuries

    By: Sharman Sacchetti


    BOSTON - Three years ago today, Dic Donohue almost died on the streets of Watertown during a shootout with the Boston Marathon bombers. 

    As he reflects on the past three years, he is anxiously awaiting the birth of his child, who is due on the anniversary of the shootout, April 19. When FOX25 sat down with Donohue, he kept his phone at the ready.

    "It would be awesome to have a new baby on a day where I was essentially dead three years ago," he told Sharman Sacchetti. 

    It's strange how life can come full circle, but it has.  

    "If I look back three years ago, it wouldn't have happened. I was just clinging to life then...You can't plan it. It happened, we were like look at that due date, alright this is amazing!" said Donohue. 

    It's been a long road to recovery for the now retired Transit Police sergeant. He said he misses the job, but said everything happens for a reason. 

    Donohue told FOX25's Sharman Sacchetti that he spent Marathon Monday at a parade with his young son and then he remembered his friend, Sean Collier, the MIT officer who was killed by the Tsarnaev brothers. 

    "Last night, I  got together with several members of the Collier family and members of my police academy class and some of the officers that were on site that saved my life," he said. 

    Donohue remains positive, despite the physical and emotional pain. 

    When asked about his tweet, he said it really is a great day to be alive and be able to tweet.   

    "Three years ago, I wouldn't have been able to do that, so it is a great day to be alive, it's April 19, it's three years. Every day on this year, I 'm thankful to be able to wake up and to some things I love," he said. 

    There's been a lot of controversy surrounding the shooting of the marathon movie in April, on the day of the race. Donohue said that as long as the good work and heroism is respected, he isn't bothered by it. 

    "My concern and my opinion is that it's an honest and accurate representation of what happened that week and the of the heroism of the first responders," he said.

    Donohue is now teaching at Fisher College and is an ambassador for the American Red Cross. And of course, he's focusing on his growing family.  

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