Detectives testify at dangerousness hearing for Charlestown kidnapping suspect

Detectives testify at dangerousness hearing for Charlestown kidnapping suspect

BOSTON — A dangerousness hearing for Victor Peña, the man accused of kidnapping a Boston woman and holding her in his Charlestown apartment for three days, has been continued.

The 38-year-old Charlestown man was ordered held without bail after a judge deemed him competent to stand trial. At his dangerousness hearing on Wednesday, Boston Police detectives shared what they learned from the victim after she was found.

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She told police she last remembers drinking two gin and tonics at Hennessy's Bar in Boston the night she went missing. The detective said she remembers waking up the next day naked in a dark apartment with Peña by her side.

Investigators testified that Peña sexually assaulted the victim multiple times over the three day period.

Peña allegedly offered to make the victim ramen noodles, but when she told Peña she could not eat wheat, he gave her canned pineapple, vodka, and whiskey - even though the whiskey had wheat in it.

Peña's attorney raised the point that the victim never tried to alert police, even when they were right outside the door as they were trying to get inside. When police got inside the apartment, one detective testified she was shaking terribly and had a horrified look on her face.

Testimony wrapped up in Wednesday's hearing, and closing arguments are expected to happen Thursday. Boston 25 News will be in court to cover the rest of the hearing.