Deer smashes through window at a Worcester high school

Deer smashes through window at a Worcester high school

WORCESTER, Mass. — "So, we were taking our AP physics exam and all of a sudden right when we get out we heard some sort of like, chaos," said Liva Duro, a student at Doherty Memorial High School.

Chaos Duro, unable to use her phone until her exam was done, later caught by watching the startling video sweeping snapchat of a deer smashing its way through the glass window at the high school before running through the main office.

"You can kind of see the windows up there, they are really small, so you would never think a big deer, a big deer like that, would jump into it," Duro said.

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As some students laughed in the videos, it was a serious matter to those in the office, who were stunned.

Police told to Boston 25 News that the deer broke two of its legs. Animal control brought the severely injured animal outside, and say they had no choice but to put it down.

"I heard it broke its leg as it jumped through the window and there was blood everywhere," Duro said.

A mess still there in the front hallway late Friday afternoon, prompting the school to bring in a professional cleanup crew to sanitize the area. After school activities, were canceled.

The superintendent's office says weekend activities should be on.

A spokesperson with the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife said, "This was a very rare and tragic situation where a deer was in the wrong place at the wrong time."