Deer hit by car smashes through window of school bus in Dartmouth

DARTMOUTH, Mass. — After being hit by a car on I-494, a deer was then hurled into the windshield of an oncoming school bus Tuesday morning, according to police in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Photos sent to Boston 25 News show a large hole in the windshield and the deer's body laying in the driver's seat.

"I just heard a bunch of 'errrr' and then a 'bshh' and then the deer just went flying through the window," Zachary Lake said. "I had my backpack on my lap ... so I didn't go flying forward or anything. But there was like tons and tons of glass in my bag and everything -- like all in my hood and in my hair."

According to police, four students and the driver were taken to a hospital with only minor injuries.

"[The driver] is amazing. He's always got their safety first. He was just calm and he was telling the kids, 'okay, get out of the bus.' ... and I don't even think I would've parked the bus that neatly on the side of the road," Lake's mother told WPRI News. "I probably would have crashed if a deer was coming at my face."

Police said the bus hit the deer near Chase Road in Dartmouth.