• DA: 62-year-old Groton man arrested in connection with death of wife

    By: Kirsten Glavin , Julie Leonardi


    GROTON, Mass. - Police in Groton have arrested a 62-year-old man in connection to the death of his wife, according to a release from the Middlesex County District Attorney.  

    Gregory Fairbairn, 62, has been arrested and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Police are investigating the incident as a homicide and expect additional charges to follow. 

    The victim has been identified as Mary Fairbairn, 57, who was found dead in her home on Lowell Road in Groton from apparent stab wounds on Saturday. Gregory Fairbairn was the alleged caller who notified police, according to the DA. 

    The death investigation occurred at 747 Lowell Rd. in the town. Local and state police are investigating the incident along with the Middlesex County DA's Office. 


    "Mary, the wife, was just a genuine, kind, caring person, the best neighbor you could hope for Mary was," said Alyssa Dallas, a neighbor of the Fairbairns. "We didn't know Greg very well. They were very reserved, they valued their privacy and they kept to themselves."

    Police say there is no threat to the public. 

    Gregory Fairbairn is expected to be arraigned Monday in Ayer District Court. 

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