Dashcam video shows BPD cruiser smashing into alleged moped thief

BOSTON — An internal investigation has been launched after a Boston Police cruiser was caught on camera smashing into a man driving a moped.

Paul English, the co-founder of popular site Kayak and the travel booking company Lola, was driving in the Seaport area Sunday morning when his dashboard camera recorded a Boston Police cruiser chasing a young man on a scooter.

"I saw a very disturbing scene," said English. "I saw a young kid on a scooter who was trying to evade the police. Police were chasing him in a marked Boston Police SUV."

According to police, the man stole the moped and ran away from authorities.

"The cop car had pulled up right to where the kid was and stopped," said English. "The suv accelerated into him. Smashed the scooter and threw the kid."

The officer is then seen driving away. Authorities say the suspect was getting ready to steal another scooter and left bolt cutters behind.

"He bounced off the SUV, it was crazy, aggressive," said English. "[It] hit the kid, the kid went rolling, flying off the SUV."

While English says the video appears to be aggressive, he understands police were trying to get the criminal off the streets.

"i think cops are great, I'm happy to have the Boston Police, and I’m happy to have the new police commissioner as well," said English.

Police say the suspect is still on the run. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact Boston Police.