Teen accused of murdering mother with the help of two friends

ASHLAND, Mass. — A 15-year-old and his friend drugged, strangled and stabbed his mother to death at a home in Maine, according to court documents.

Kimberly Mironovas, 47, was found stabbed and strangled to death at her home in Litchfield, Maine early Sunday morning.

Police say the woman, originally from Ashland, Massachusetts, was killed by her son and his friend.

A third teenager, a 13-year-old friend, allegedly helped plan the murder.

According to prosecutors, the 13-year-old came up with an initial plan to kill Kimberly by crushing prescription pills and mixing them into a glass of wine. But court documents show the boys' attempt to secretly mix in the pills failed and they resorted to a different plan.

The son and one of the friends entered Kimberley’s bedroom wearing gloves and armed with a knife shortly after midnight early Sunday morning, according to prosecutors.

Kimberly was found shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday morning and police say she had been strangled and stabbed in the neck.

All three boys were arraigned at a juvenile court in Maine Monday.

Two were both charged with one count of murder and all three were charged with criminal conspiracy to commit murder.

Mironovas and her son had moved to Maine from their home in Ashland, Massachusetts, where neighbors told Boston 25 News they hope her son gets help.

"She and her son lived together there, she was a quiet person," said Jim, a former neighbor. "I think her son was troubled a little bit, she had him in a special school."

Kimberly had moved from Ashland to Maine about a year ago to attend cosmetology school.

Investigators say they are still trying to determine how the other two teens were involved in the murder.

Ashland Public Schools Superintendent James Adams released the following statement Tuesday morning:

"You may be aware that this afternoon reports have been published stating that two of our students have been arrested. It is important to note that the students are in the custody of Maine Law Enforcement Officials and we have no information beyond what is being reported by the media. This matter is being handled by the Maine Judicial System.

The Ashland Public Schools recognize however that, this news will come as a shock to students, faculty, parents, and community members. We encourage parents to engage in conversation with their children regarding the alleged incident and reach out to school counselors for additional support.

The Ashland Public Schools will have no further comment and would direct all questions to Maine Law Enforcement."

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