Couple's wedding trip to Italy stalled when plane has to return to Boston

Couple's wedding trip to Italy stalled when plane has to return to Boston

BOSTON — A Boston couple plans to exchange vows in Italy this weekend, after a nightmare travel day they experienced Monday.

More than an hour into their Norwegian Airlines flight to London, the crew announced they were turning the plane around and back to Boston after a passenger suffered a medical emergency, the couple told Boston 25 News Tuesday.

"I never thought I would have to worry about being late for my own wedding!" said the bride, Anjeza Gjino.

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Hundreds of passengers were stuck on the tarmac for more than four hours.

"Looking at the stress of the crew, things were not going well," said Luca Sechi, the groom.

The couple said the passenger was sent to the hospital after landing.

Some passengers even got sick as they reached the early morning hours.

"Being an anxious bride myself, I can see how sitting on the plane for 4 hours on the tarmac after being rerouted back, it makes someone sick to their stomach," said Gjino.

Sechi said the flight was eventually cancelled after the airline was unable to restock medical supplies.

"They told us they were trying to find a different route so that they could fly over Greenland to Iceland even without the medical equipment as long as they stayed basically within a two-hour flying range of a major airport, that of course didn’t happen. That’s not the way you cross the Atlantic with 300 people on board," Sechi said.

With time running ou until their nuptials, the couple is hoping to make it in time for the rehearsal.

"We’re going to be the last ones at our wedding and we have 130 people half of them flying from all over the world and we’re really trying to make it there," said Sechi. "Even if we have to swim, we’re going to get to the wedding."