Controversy at Boston College over choice for annual spring concert

Controversy at Boston College over the university's choice for its annual spring concert.

B.o.B. is coming to Boston College for the spring concert, but Caitlin Guthlein says she is embarrassed by the school's decision.

"I'm embarrassed by my school. He thinks 9/11 is a government hoax and how he doesn't believe in the Holocaust," said Guthlein.

B.o.B.'s earlier hits had mass-appeal, but his later lyrics and personal beliefs in conspiracy theories even drew the attention of the Anti-Defamation League.

Boston 25 News asked them to weigh in on B.o.B.'s pending appearance at BC.

"We are disappointed B.o.B. has not apologized for his deeply offensive lyrics which appeared to revere a notorious Holocaust denier and promote anti-semetic beliefs."

B.o.B. has given voice in the past to various conspiracy theories and we hope listeners will critically evaluate his previous troubling lyrics.

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Boston 25 News reporter Jim Morelli talked with a former BC student who used to be in the position of organizing on-campus concerts. He said the process of choosing which act to book involves coming up with a list and then going through it very carefully.

Mike Cavoto is now a law student. He says he remembers the process working like this:

"Everything goes through the administration. Everything is reviewed. double-checked, triple-checked... The process itself is locked down pretty air tight," said Cavoto.

BC administrators say they have not yet heard of any controversy with the B.o.B. concert.

Boston 25 News was not able to reach B.o.B. for comment.

Guthlein says she's looking for an apology from BC.

"My parents have paid almost a quarter million dollars to send me to BC. And for them to be vetting someone who has these view is just embarrassing for me," said Guthlein.