Concerns grow about fake COVID-19 vaccine cards as more schools, businesses require vaccine proof

WASHINGTON — As more businesses and schools are requiring proof of people being vaccinated against COVID-19, concerns are growing about the circulation of fake vaccine cards.

Our Washington News Bureau obtained consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that show people are reporting seeing fraudulent vaccine cards being sold on social media.

“This person on Snapchat posted that they are selling 100 fake vaccine cards,” wrote one consumer from Seattle, Washington. “They are asking for $1,000 per card.”

“I was looking at people stories on Snapchat and he advertised that he was selling fake vaccine cards,” said a West Virginia consumer.

More than 400 colleges across the country are now requiring students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before returning to campus and some students said they have heard about students selling fake vaccine cards.

The FBI has warned that created or selling fake vaccine cards can lead to hefty fines or even prison time.

Last month, a California homeopathic doctor was arrested for accusations of selling fake COVID-19 cards and was charged with wire fraud and false statements related to health care.