Community remembers Jennifer Fay 30 years after her disappearance

Community remembers Jennifer Fay 30 years after her disappearance

On November 14, it will be thirty years since Jennifer Fay was last seen.

For three decades, her family has searched for answers, and for the past 20 years, Boston 25 News Reporter Bob Ward has followed along with the Brockton community through this case.

On Tuesday, November 14, 1989, Dottie MacLean, Jennifer's mother, asked her to babysit her younger brother and sister for a few hours.

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Jennifer protested, but Dottie was firm with her daughter. She wanted Jennifer to watch the kids, which she had done many times before, with no trouble.

Jennifer Fay, 16-years-old at the time, had other ideas. That night, she wanted to hang out with her neighborhood friends.

Instead of watching her siblings, Jennifer called a cousin to babysit for her.

Yvette Aubin is Jennifer’s sister. She tells me she remembers that night like it was yesterday.

"I begged (Jennifer)  not to go out," Yvette said. "It’s almost like I knew something was going to happen."

When the cousin arrived, Jennifer slipped outside.

A little while later, Yvette remembers seeing Jennifer come back to get a light jacket from her room.

Shortly afterward, Dottie called to check up on the children. She was shocked to hear the cousin answer the phone, not her daughter.

MacLean said Brockton Police considered Jennifer Fay a runaway and there was no immediate search, no immediate investigation. She remembers it took detectives three years to start asking around about Jennifer.

On the annual vigil held for Jennifer on the day of her disappearance, her family will return to the old neighborhood to remember Jennifer's last steps and to send a message to the people still living there.

"I know that some people are still there and I don’t ever want them to forget," said MacLean. "That’s all I want. To try to close this case and move on. To try to have a little bit of peace in my life."

If you know what happened to Jennifer Fay, call the team of private investigators at 

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