Community on edge after masked man tries to break into home three times

Police are alerting a community after a masked man tried to break into a Newburyport home three times.

Residents were warned to be on alert, leaving some shocked as to how an incident like this could happen in the area.

"I'm surprised it's in Newburyport, nothing happens in Newburyport," one resident said. "It's shocking in this town. Stuff like that doesn't happen around here."

A light on the porch of a Payson Street home showed the clearest picture available of the suspect, and police say the person has visited the home three separate times on August 11, August 26 and September 9.

"That's really strange," one Newburyport native said. "He might know what's in there, and he likes it and is trying to come back for it."

So far, police say the person has been unsuccessful, with a surveillance camera catching him each time and the homeowners warning neighbors each time the suspect lurks around.

"He's doing it for some reason, but there's no good reason to do that," the resident said.

Police say you can see the man wearing gloves, "Merrill style" outdoor shoes, and a "morphsuit" to cover his entire face.

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Police say the suspect took off a pair of glasses on one occasion.

Either way, residents are glad the homeowners and police are putting out a warning.

"Yeah, I'm very glad that police have been notified, definitely," the resident said. "It should be, people should know what's going on."