Community mourns the death of Cambridge teen as they search for answers

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Family and friends of 15-year-old Richelle Robinson gathered on Wednesday night to remember the life of a girl who police say died after being thrown to the ground.

The heartbroken community is still searching for answers in the apparent assault that happened Sunday night.

“I’m pretty sure everybody wants to know what happened to her and everyone wants answers," said Takeiyah McGee, a friend.

On Tuesday night, family and friends walked in her honor, retracing the final steps she took before her life was taken.

Family members say Robinson would've been 16-years-old in September and aspired to become an EMT one day.

“She was always one of those people who’s positive, that’s always there," said Tatiana, a friend. "It doesn’t make sense, like no one is prepared for this."

On Wednesday night, heavy hearts gathered around the spot where Richelle was violently thrown to the ground, so hard that investigators said she was knocked unconscious and never came back.

"It’s so hard to not know and feel in the dark, how could this have gone so horribly wrong so quickly," said Kendal Schawrz, a former teacher.

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Candles lit up the spot where loved ones gathered to console each other and remember Richelle.

“We’re all hurt and they need to hurt too and if they don’t come forward I hope it haunts them, I’ve got to keep it real with that," said Dawn Feaster, a family friend who baby sat Richelle when she was 2-years-old.

A Cambridge teen who once worked with Robinson at an area community center is portraying her memory in a painting, giving the Robinson family a picture she hopes will help them heal.

“I was hoping this would inspire people to remember her and remember that she was here," said Atia Mahabir. “Even if you’re going through tough times people still care."

Police say they still have no leads on suspects, which is why they've posted fliers all over the area, asking for the public's help in providing closure for Richelle's loved ones. So far, officials have only mentioned a possible person of interest seen on a bicycle on Sunday night.